Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Yellow Submarine

The camp has been gifted with a box! One of those containers seen on trains and boats for storage and transport. Metal - heats quickly. One very secure door.

And into this box yesterday went all the riding toys, games, craft supplies, balls, random plastic bottles and bags of straws and feathers "we might use sometime." In boxes, plastic bag, plastic bins and tossed in loose. To be sorted, organized and located. It was an librarian's dream come true! Order out of chaos!

It is also a child's dream come true to get in and play.

Everyone one of the children at our site came by boat. Not ferry or steamer, but open boat, usually 700 or more packed into a boat built for 35-40. That seems hard to even envision. So they were lucky to come with even clothing. The kids here have nothing at all but rocks to occupy themselves. No TV or electronics except a few of the older kids. No books, toys, games, balls. Any toy put out is immediately taken for individual use and bragging rights. It is a desperate need we cannot fill.

So we have conflicting interests. Volunteers want to be in the box - preferably with the door open for air - to sort and count and organize. Children want to get in to remove everything that is there and use it. It took 2 sorting and 1 at the door negotiating but after several hours in the air proof yellow container, the arranging is done.

Now to assign them Dewey classes......

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