Thursday, September 14, 2017

Pop up happy

We are getting the hang of crafts with 25-30 various aged children in an open outdoor space with no structure. Weasels.

Yesterday I started the group with just POP - they will repeated anything so they all Popped too and we went faster and faster until it sounded like the last minutes of popcorn preparation. Then I introduced the quality time honored line "pop goes the weasel" (which if I remember correctly has to do with the weaving or shoemakers trade?). They liked the sound of it and no one knew what a weasel is so it was an immediate hit!

Then we made three stage puppet: color 2 circles, glue them back to back over a pencil, stick the pencil through a hole in the cup. Three steps because there are only three of us. Now push the pencil up and down to make the "weasel" pop up. We tried then on a nearby random baby and he laughed! Success.

Armed with that triumph today we make flying octopi - Octopus' Garden in the Shade?

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