Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Numbers and stories

There are as many statistics as there are groups counting, depending on who is providing what service or has which interest or wants more funding. There are numbers of people who are counted and others who are never counted. And some who do not make it here to be counted. Just as each roofless cubicle home here has a number on it.

Then there are the stories of the faces that appear at the doors. And the incomprehensible experiences that a 7 year old has already had. And the family stress of being in transition through desperation and action and hope and and frustration and anger and discouragement and endless waiting.

And now we want the children to share crayons.

Th challenge for the volunteer in the face of this vast need is to parce out our limited resources somewhat fairly and provide a couple of hours of distraction or redirection of energy. Yesterday that felt like a back pack full of rocks.

Since the situation will not change, it is up to me to adjust my expectations - which I did not think I had! - to reality, and today I plan to do just that.

Because amid the numbers is one story that need a brief but happy chapter.

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