Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Bangladesh and drinking straws

From Bangladesh we have seen a repeated clip on the news of the refugees grabbing food off the truck without allowing anyone to establish an orderly and equitable distribution. Whatever your reaction, it has the implied Western comprehension of order and fairness.

We have never known true desperation.

I saw this same reaction on the ground yesterday as we tried to distribute drinking straws for a craft project. 2 or 3 children grabbed all the straws and ran off, denying any others the chance to participate. We quickly tore strips of paper to replace them so no one left empty handed, but watching the children and the clip I think how quick we are to view others through the lens of abundance. It is impossible to get my mind around this behavior,  but I have now seems it in microform and can no longer judge it.

Perhaps this is how compassion begins.

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