Monday, September 11, 2017

Change is the new normal

So I was reassigned for work site and age group. I am at the smaller site - about 550 residents and all Afghan people. The site is an old factory ans warehouse converted by putting up what are essentially the all walled cubicles - 8x12 and about 7 foot walls, no windows but open on the top. Built in rows of 10 with no door so most people just put up a curtain. One family - any size - in each space. There is large central cooking area and group bathroom and washing areas so really only sleeping is done in the cubicle. And living.

One observation on washing: a gracious company donated 12 washers which sit quietly and unused in the entry way. Volunteers tried to instruct the women how to use them, but (incomprehensible to us) they nodded politely and then went back to washing things by hand with a hose for running water in the community washing area. Finally the volunteers realized that it had beomce the safe space for women to meet and chat away from men and children, some time alone while they "did the laundry.  The between perceived need and real need.

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