Thursday, September 21, 2017

Dance dance revolution

Actually I like Arabic music better than US right now probably because if there are words I can'T understand them. But any music in a small room at many decibels is...wearing.

So Wednesday was girl dance day. We use a private room because parents do not want either girls to boys to dance in public (where do they learn to do it?). No sooner had we announced that it was time to start Than 6 boys had scaled two stories of scaffolding to peek in the windows. It was my job to hold the window closed since th latch was broken. And balance cardboard against the Glass. And hold te blanket curtains to cover the rest. That was gymnastic but not dancing. 2 older girls danced and others watched. It was torture to get them to leave - one more song!

And Thursday was boy dance day. Same room - windows and curtains open. No one cared. 2 older boys started but soon everyone was involved and the rest clapped. It ended when the only kid with Bluetooth had to go. And that was that.

As far as I could tell they danced - or not - to the same songs. Loudly.

But - in the book of volunteer activities - more successful than crafts with straws.

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