Sunday, September 17, 2017

Friday fluttered by

There are three of us (and we are all the same age!) to entertain, engage, provide crafts and activities for however many ages 6-12 year olds are in the camp. So every project we do has to be in 3 distinct steps. Today we 1) decorate with chalk random undefined shapes that might have been meant to be octopi, 2) have glue placed across the bottom edge and apply 5 ( no more or less ) colored streamers, and 3) i.e. A cord through the hole so it will flutter after you when you run. The prep for this took about 4 hours. The craft about 15 minutes for all 25 kids. Sort of like Thanksgiving prep vs consumption.

But like thanksgiving, the enjoyment - in this case delight - when the kids watched the streamers flutter behind them, was worth it all.

So we end Week 1 on a happy note. And hope our supervisor will be back next week so we can have 4 stations!

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