Friday, September 22, 2017

Moving out

What an amazing climactic to our weeks here! Today 17 families were relocated to apartments in Athens. The UN has just bought up a large block of apartments to settle transition families while they wait. Many of these may remain in Greece. Most left at the site have firm commitments from relatives in Europe to sponsor them and plan to go as soon as the paper work is done. Suddenly the census dropped 100 or so.

People are talking about months now, not years.

And all the CCS volunteers are going by bus, train, boat and plane, on to what comes next: home, Greek tour, Italy; rest, new sites, family, work, routine.

Looking the same but changed in ways it will take months to convey. And some things will never been unseen or forgotten.

The left behind stuff at the camp had a trickle down effect. All the bikes and balls and riding toys were not deemed necessary in Athens and were claimed by the still waiting residents.

The left behind efforts of the volunteers are harder to identify. For our team, the issue was a space. Preschoolers have an area with toys and teachers. Youth 13+ have a space (alternating days by sex) with games and activites. Our kids are supposed to be in school and some are taking a few lessons, but there are no organized sports or after school activities or any place to be. We took the only shade in the site and in 2 weeks upgraded it to a play area with balance beam, swing (20 swings each only!) and music wall, plus padded area for yoga poses.( it is called  "body magic" by the kids) It is not secure so must be assembled and unassembled each day but it was a start. Next week they can add.

For others the results of 2 weeks was progresses in someone's English, small children grasping "standing in line," 400 baskets of clean laundry. Next week they can add.

Time to meet Bob and tour Ancient Greece for a few days. After October 8 I will add pictures and reflections.

And I got at least 6 sermons!

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