Thursday, September 14, 2017

Decorating a box

Back home one can purchase locker decorations - mirrors and stickers and even chandeliers to make your locker personalized. Because.....we can!

So looking at this line of oversized cubicles that are now home to 500+ People, how does one decorate? Luckily there are no windows, cooking and washing and bathroom needs are met in other community spaces. So no window treatments or large machinery. Then consider that this culture sleeps on the floor in the living space all the time. No separate bedroom. And all arrived with only what they could personally carry in bags and packs. No need for closets or drawers or toy boxes or book shelves.

I got a glimpse of the answer through a curtained doorway (few cubicles have doors) and it is Rugs!  Large woven colorful rugs. On the floor and the walls, Stacked in the corners. No idea how they got here or if they are handed on as families leave the area. But Box becomes Home with a rug.

I wonder if they mourn the loss of chandeliers.

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